Chelsea Orcutt

Cool Site: I Want Her Job

I first heard about I Want Her Job when my friend (and the founder/president of She’s The First) Tammy Tibbetts was featured on the site. (Go Tammy!)

IWHJ bills itself as “the website for independent-thinking women everywhere in search of the next best thing.” In order to serve this demographic, creator Brianne Burrowes posts interviews that she’s conducted with “leading ladies” working in a variety of disciplines that have at least one thing in common: they all love what they do for a living!

This concept is so simple, yet extremely compelling. The interviewees’ inspiring stories provide a great reminder that amidst all of the stress and economic struggles, it is possible to love your career. Plus, it’s interesting to see how all of the women got where they are. Each interview includes information about the interviewee’s educational background, and Burrowes’ interview questions are forward-thinking and elicit informative responses.

I recommend taking some time to read the leading ladies’ interviews, as well as Burrowes’ blog on the site. Be sure to follow IWHJ on Twitter (@iwantherjob) and Facebook if you like daily inspiration!

(Is that ending too cheesy? Possibly. Do I care? Not really.)